Pilates Mat

Price List

  • Walkin Price: $20
  • (5) sessions: $100
  • (10) sessions: $180
  • (20) sessions: $360

*All packages have a validity of two months, any unused balance is non refundable.*

Class Description

Pilates is a system of body conditioning aimed at strengthening the core muscles of the body. This type of training strengthens the body in order to facilitate functional movements. A regular Pilates practice improves posture and also gives the body a leaner appearance. Pilates helps to elongate tight muscles while giving tone and strength to weak areas of the body. Pilates also helps to correct muscular imbalances.


“I’ve been doing Mat based Pilates at Energy Fitness Bahamas for a year now. The core strength that I have gained from the class is phenomenal. Improvement in core strength was a fundamental part of my fitness goals as I believe it to be necessary for any successful workout program. I have taken Pilates classes at other studios prior to joining the Energy Family, but have  never achieved these results. Regina is an awesome Pilates trainer and Coach and through her guidance and support, I have exceeded by fitness goals. I keep raising the bar higher to achieve new goals and I am extremely motivated when I see improvement in my technique. I encourage others, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while, to try Pilates. You’ll be glad you did!”  - Linny