Indoor Cycling

Price List

  • Walk in Price:$20
  • (5) sessions: $100
  • (10) sessions: $180
  • (20) sessions: $360

* Value added tax not reflected in prices above. 12% Value added tax will be added at the time of purchase.
**All packages have a validity of two months, any unused balance is non refundable.

Class Description

Indoor cycling, commonly called “spinning” offers great cardio benefits. Indoor cycling involves the use of a stationary bicycle with a weighted flywheel.  This class focuses on endurance, strength, interval cardio. Strap your feet in and get ready for a high calorie burn!


“Spin class at Energy Fitness is addictive! There are three different instructors so it’s different every class.  Take it from a person who is hooked on spin now this is an awesome workout to make you sweat, burn calories and leave you energized! Best of all it’s fun...give it a try!”  - Janice